need a Prius to be courier

A Prius will replace this Accord
My 1999 Honda Accord, to be replaced by a Prius

All righty! I need a car to drive in the on-demand economy. Here’s the problem. My 1999 Honda Accord broke down last December and I sold it for $449 to a junk yard. So for me to start this courier gig, I will need a car. Not any car. I need a fuel efficient car. Enter the Prius!

I’m going to check out my local budget Prius dealership, AKA craigslist. I have some money in my rainy day fund. But I do not want to throw all of it on a used hybrid, so it’ll take some shopping around to find a good car for a good price. Time to head over to Kelley Blue Blue and do some research.

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know how it goes next week.