I got a Prius for courier hacking now!

I went to the dealer and met the salesman. His name was Eddie. He looked just like a salesman. He talked like a salesman. I got into the Prius and the first thing I said was, “So tell me, what’s wrong with this thing?”. Eddie said “Nothing! It’s a clean car.”

My $6,002 receipt for the Prius
My $6,002 receipt for the Prius

I didn’t 100% believe the guy. After all, it was a used car dealership. But I test drived the Prius. It was nice, and was definitely an improvement over my beat-up Accord.

I was concerned about financing it so I asked him what my options were. He said he could run my credit score or if I paid on a credit card then he would drop the price to $5,750. Personally, financing it would have been a better way to go. But in the back of my head, I was thinking, “That’s a lot of miles I could get on my credit card”. So I decided to put it on a credit card. By the way, don’t ever do this. I willfully took a huge risk here. I have student loans and adding a large purchase like this onto a credit card was not a good idea. Do not do what I did.

It ended up costing $6,002 because I let them handle the DMV paperwork (I don’t like going to the DMV). There was also a 2% credit card fee.

As I was leaving the lot, I noticed that the tire pressure light was on. I called Eddie over and asked him, “What is this?!”. He said, “Just put some air in it”.

I knew that. But like I said, I just didn’t trust the guy.

Anyways, stay tuned for next week’s update when I hit the road with this bad boy!