Starting my Caviar application

I started my Caviar application after applying for Postmates.

Here’s how it went down:


Caviar application
Caviar online application
  1. I completed the Caviar application online.
  2. I was sent an e-mail from a San Francisco Caviar Recruiter. In the e-mail, there were three links to videos on how the Caviar platform works (see below).

3. Then I received a phone call from the local Caviar Logistics Associate, Glenn. He asked me why I was interested in Caviar and what my expectations were. Apparently Caviar screens potential couriers before moving them along the application process. There was no screening process with Postmates. In fact, I think Postmates is probably the easiest I’ve ever gotten a paying gig.

Luckily, I keep up with startups news so I am generally aware of what’s happening in Silicon Valley and the on-demand economy. So it was easy to have a conversation with Glenn.


1. After the phone conversation, I was sent another e-mail with a link to a background check form. This was done through a software called OnboardIQ.

2. Then you get another e-mail with dates and times available for an in-person interview/onboarding. You get to pick two dates that works for you. You are then sent an e-mail to fill out your W-9 forms (the tax forms for independent contractors) and other legal forms and agreements. This was done through HelloSign.

3. At the onboarding, I had to bring photo ID, a copy of car insurance, a smartphone, banking information, and $50 debit or credit for purchases of equipments (t-shirt & courier bags). I purchased just the bags so it costed me only $25. Postmates gave these out for free.

My Prius was in the shop, so I had to lugg the giantic pizza courier bag whiling using public transportation. Free marketing for Caviar I guess.

Caviar Application
Caviar’s larger courier bag for pizzas.

Good to go

  1. After that, you’ll get a final e-mail welcoming you to the Caviar team with all the contact information you’ll need for support while on the platform.


In my local market of Portland, it seems the Caviar Logistics Associate (the equivalent to Postmates’ Community Manager) is very involved with the couriers’ experience. My onboarding with Caviar was an one-on-one interview. With Postmates it was a room full of applicants and a PowerPoint show. It was less personal with Postmates. With Caviar, I got the impression that the logistics associate was very interested in the couriers–the bloodline of the company–having a good, smooth experience while on the platform. He gave me his number and said to text him whenever I need something.

Caviar don’t give you any details on how much money you would be making at orientation. But Glenn told me the commission for Caviar is better than Postmates, even without a pricing model like Blitz pricing. Caviar does not have this feature on their app. Glenn also told me that a lot of Postmates couriers have switched over to Caviar.

The key takeaways from the two application process is this: Caviar has a more lengthy process because it has more barriers. I think this is to make sure they have the more reliable couriers delivering for them. The Caviar process felt more personal and you leave feeling like there’s more support for your success on the platform. I also liked that there was no customer rating system. Especially since I’ve never done courier work in my life. I feel less stressed about driving for Caviar.