A collection of the struggle of courier life from Postmates drivers curated via Facebook.

1. The question of the day, every day.

Postmates how is it today

2. Taco Bells that don’t exist.

Postmates taco bell

3. The Surprise Delivery Drop-off.

Postmates drop-off

4. The Hotspot that isn’t hot.

Postmates hotspots

5. They Blitzing or Nah?

Postmates Blitz Pricing6. Getting that Promo payment.

Postmates Promo payments

7. There goes the payout.

Postmates tickets

8. “Pending”

Payout pending Postmates
It’s been two years for this one.

9. “0.00”

Worst than pending

10. Being jealous of other people’s tips.

Postmates tips

11. Getting in touch with Postmates.

Postmates support

12. All those updates…

Postmates app updates

13. Wondering how your rating is doing.

Postmates rating14. Hoping to keep the food.

Postmates support keep food

15. When “Ready now.” is actually  “Not ready.”

Postmates order not ready

16. Awkward moments at the checkout.

Postmates for sex toys

17. Unhelpful Facebook Group answers.

18. When the customer is not who you expect.

Postmates awkward

19. When you want to die.

Want to die
Enjoy your 1 Star.


20. When you want to quit.

How to quit Postmates