Free Uber inspection for my car!

At this point I don’t trust my mechanics either. But my luck picked up a bit. Uber, the ride-sharing company is in Portland. And they’re offering a free Uber inspection for anyone who would drive for them. I wanted a second opinion on my car. So I went online to the Uber application page and applied.

I got a free Uber inspection for my car
Uber to the rescue.

At the Uber inspection facility, I handed my keys to the inspector (who is a contractor with Uber) and he drove it into the garage. At this point I started a conversation with the other Uber quality assurance employees. Just to shoot the breeze. Shortly after, the inspector came back with more bad news.

He said, “There’s something terribly wrong with your car. The check engine light is on. It makes a horrible noise. I’m not going to bother. This car isn’t going to pass”.

The Uber operations manager turned and said to me, “That was rude of him. Here, I’ll run a free diagnostic for you”. So he ran the code. And it came up as the same reading that costed me $375 last week. At this point, I was pretty upset with the mechanic. Apparently they didn’t fix the problem! I called them and asked what’s going on. They told me to go to the dealer because they don’t know if it’s something internal. So I called Eddie. He told me to bring it in and they’ll check it out for free. I’m starting to like Eddie.