Alas! I’m ready to go work as a courier and earn some money! I just need to check up on the Prius.

After the onboarding with Caviar, I called the dealership. The mechanic picked up. He said the local mechanic had done some work on the car and it was fixed. The check engine light wasn’t lighting up anymore. I was thrilled! He told me I can come pick it up Friday.

When I arrived, he told me one of the car’s gas injector wasn’t injecting gas properly and he had found this out right before I arrived. He had ordered the replacement and it’ll be arriving the next day, so I have to come back tomorrow.

At this point, I missed dealing with Eddie. At least he was prompt and didn’t give you runarounds. And I started to believe he wasn’t the bad guy.

I came back the next day and the mechanic told me he needs to bring the car to a Toyota dealership so they can reprogram the car. Then he asked if I wanted to buy a new smart key for the car in case I misplace the current one. I declined the offer and he told me to come back Monday to pick up the car. At this point, I asked “What happened to Eddie?”

“He quit, he found another job.”

Good for him I thought. Apparently another person had been hired to replace Eddie. His name was Dave. Dave wasn’t as charistmatic as Eddie. He was older and seems to be less alert. He was friendly though.

I took public transportation home again, but I called the mechanic before I got home to make sure it wouldn’t cost me anything for the reprogramming. It wouldn’t.

Monday came and I went to see the mechanic. At this point, I was getting tired of paying public transportation to see the guy and then have to go home empty handed. When I arrived, Dave told me to come inside the office. The mechanic told me, he needs to replace an oxygen sensor in the Prius. I thought to myself, “Come on!!! Are you kidding me man?!!!”

I just wanted to drive my Prius….

He said, “I’ll replace it, come back in the afternoon.”

It was easier not to lose my cool from all the unprofessional runarounds since it wasn’t going to cost me anything. Again I went home empty handed.

I came back later that afternoon. The moment I set foot onto the dealership parking lot, Dave came out the office jiggling the car key, smiling.

“I was told you’ll be coming back for this.”

Thank you Jesus, I got my Prius!

Right before I left, Dave said to me, “If you refer someone to come to us and they buy a car from us, we’ll give you a $150 referral bonus.”

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It was tempting, but I rather not subject another person to the potential headache of buying a problematic car from this lot. I got into the car and turned on the engine. The tire pressure light was on. And I remembered Eddie’s words, “Just put some air in it.”

And off I drove. Hoping never have to come back.