Here’s how much I made in total the first week (Oct 19-Oct 26th) working for Postmates and Caviar:

Screen Shot 2016-01-17 at 7.24.38 PM

I made a grand total of  $615.16. That’s pretty good considering I did not drive a lot of hours.


Blitz Pricing Earning

I calculated the amount I earned with Postmates due to Blitz Pricing and this turns out to be to $73.08. This calculation is done by dividing the payout by the Blitz factor and subtracting the result from the payout. In other words, for each order:

$ Earned  Due to Blitz Pricing = Total $ Earned – (Total $ Earned / Blitz Factor)

For example, let’s say you were pay $10 for a job during a 2X Blitz Pricing. Then you divide $10 by 2 (Blitz Factor) to get the base payout, which is $5. Subtract this from $10 and you’ll get $5. This value is the amount of money you earned as a result of the Blitz price. Do this for all jobs that were done under Blitz Pricing. Then add them all up to get your total.


The number of jobs I completed for each company were about the same. And it’s very clear that without tips and Blitz Pricing, Postmates’ commission lag far behind Caviar’s. The average Caviar commission is $2 more. On commission only (no Blitz Pricing), I made $147.32 ($220.40 – $73.08) with Postmates. I made about twice as much on commission with Caviar ($285.59).

Guaranteed Earning

Blitz Pricing and tips accounted for more than half (51%) of my Postmates earnings. On the other hand, tips, bonuses for long waits and technical difficulties on Caviar accounted for only 14% of my total earning. What this means is that 86% of the money I earned with Caviar was guaranteed when I did the work, and 14% was outside of my control. On the other hand, only 49% of my earnings on Postmates was paid for my work, and 51% was outside of my control. No wonder Postmates couriers nationwide are crying foul.