I’ve just been informed about Postmates’ new cancellation payout feature.

Now couriers will know how much they earn when a job is canceled.

Couriers will be compensated anytime a delivery is canceled after the courier have tapped ‘Start Pickup’. If an order is canceled, a pop-up will appear to inform the courier it’s canceled and how much they made for that job.

Couriers will receive:

  • Base Pay: 1/2 of the usual base pay when arriving at the pickup and the other 1/2 at the drop-off. Keep in mind the base pay is $1.25.
  • Time: Regular per minute rate for time spent at the merchant. I assume ‘regular’ means no Blitz Pricing. This is $0.11 per minutes.
  • Distance: Regular per mile rate traveled between the pickup and drop-off. This is about $1.15 per miles.


This is the second payout update couriers have been informed of in recent weeks. Looks like Postmates is working on becoming more transparent with its couriers. Maybe they’ve been reading the Glassdoor.com reviews about their company and taking it seriously. Good for Postmates!