I’ve found that it’s quite hard to complete two deliveries within an hour with Caviar. From my experience, it takes between 35-38 minutes to complete a delivery with a car.

I’m guaranteed to complete two deliveries within an hour when I get a Batch assignment. This is when you get assigned multiple (usually 2) orders from the same restaurant. Batch assignments will increase your earning per hour.

You are more likely to get a batch assignment with some restaurants than others. It’s helpful to know which restaurants gets a lot of orders and stay close to them while on duty. From my experience, here are the restaurants in Portland where you are likely to get a batch assignment:

NW Portland

Kung Pow! Portland Chinese restaurant Caviar

Kung Pow!

The area around NW 21st and 23rd Ave are usually packed and parking is hard to find. This makes Kung Pow! a very likely candidate for batched delivery. There are other restaurants in this area (Basta for example) but Kung Pow! is one of a handful of Chinese restaurant currently on the Caviar platform. Anytime someone wants to order Chinese to go with Caviar, Kung Pow! Usually gets the nod, especially during the evenings since Kung Pow! stays open later than the other Chinese restaurants.

I try to stay close to NW 21st Ave during the evening shifts because Kung Pow! catches fire after sunset. I once delivered 5 orders in a row for Kung Pow!.

Kung Pow! Caviar Portland
Kung Pow! catches fire in the evening

Kung Pow! is vegan-friendly. Portland does have a  veganism bent so I can understand the appeal.

Richmond Neighborhood

Pok Pok Portland on Division

Pok Pok

Don’t let the appearance of a house-turned-restaurant fool you. The food here is very good. This is a famous restaurant in Portland founded by renowned chef Andy Ricker. Foodies visiting Portland make it a point to try Pok Pok’s Thai dishes. Local folks hoping to avoid the long waits to get seated at Pok Pok will order it to go.

Pok Pok Portlan Caviar


Sen Yai Noodles Portland Oregon

Sen Yai Noodle

Andy Ricker also owns Sen Yai. The great thing about Pok Pok and Sen Yai is that they are within a few blocks of each other on Division Street. Division Street is quickly becoming a very developed area of Portland much like NW Portland. Parking is hard to find. Camping out in the residential area of the Richmond neighborhood during the dinner shift is a great way to catch some batch assignments.

NE Portland

Boxer Ramen waiting area Portland Oregon

Boxer Ramen (Alberta location)

This popular ramen restaurant doesn’t fit a lot of people inside (I’d say 15 people is the maximum capacity). Often when I arrive for a pick-up there are people waiting on a bench to be seated outside the restaurant. This makes it a very likely candidate for a batched order as people who are repeat customers will want to skip the wait and order to-go.

Hosford –  Abernethy Neighborhood

Chicken and guns portland on hawthorne

Chicken and Guns

Portland is very up to date with health trends. Especially ones concerning red meats. In Portlandia, chicken is in. If you check out the Portland Caviar page, and search for chicken only two names will catch your eyes as obviously chicken specialists: Pollo Norte and Chicken and Guns. Pollo Norte is one of the farthest north of all Portland Caviar restaurants. So customers who aren’t interested in waiting for the courier to travel further will opt for other options.

Chicken and Guns is a food cart located in Cartopia founded by Dustin Knox who also owns Perierra Crêperie, a french food cart also in Cartopia. Portland people loves food carts. This food cart should be popular among locals since their chickens are locally raised in nearby Canby.

Camp out by Ladd Addition for easy parking (I do) if you want a piece of Chicken and Guns action.

Buckman Neighborhood

Sunee Thai and Lao Portland on Stark

Sunne Thai

Depending on where you live, it will cost more to have Thai food delivered from Pok Pok and Sen Yai. As a result, Sunne Thai becomes the better way to go. This restaurant is a very good candidate not just for a batch order with Caviar but also a possible candidate for an order from both Caviar and Postmates (cross-platform stack). The owner here has hooked his restaurant up with every delivery service in town! Grubhub, Delivered Dish, Postmates, Caviar, Amazon—you name it, he’s on it.

Typically during rush hours, I camp out on the east side of Portland to avoid the highway traffics and hope for batch orders from Sunne or Chicken and Guns or Pok Pok or Sen Yai. I usually camp around Ladd’s Additions. But in the evening, I get cuddly with the NW area closer to Kung Pow!
Let me know which restaurant usually results in batch assignments for you!