Favor is an Austin based delivery startup that promises food delivery in under an hour from a friendly “Runner” in the signature Favor blue tux t-shirt. Currently, the startup has a presence in eleven major Texas markets. Their website says they intend to expand, but not at the price of excellent customer service.

History and Funding

Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais founded the company in June of 2013. They are currently in their Series B of funding. They have raised almost $38 million to date between seed rounds and their first two series of funding.

While Favor has both an Android and an iOS app, their online ordering function is currently in beta. They feature a wide selection of both local and chain restaurants, cafés, bars, and delis, both local and chain, for customers to choose from. They will also deliver non-food items, but they do not deliver alcohol.

Customers pay a $6 standard delivery fee, along with a fee of 5 to 9 percent of the order total, based on their location.

How Much Can You Earn with Favor?

Favor has an hourly guarantee for each hour worked, and, like many gig economy platforms, you keep 100 percent of your tips. Favor says their Runners tend to make anywhere from $10 to $18 per hour. There are also bonuses available for Runners who refer family and friends to the platform.

Beyond the standard ability to keep all your tips, Favor also helps drivers out further. First of all, they strongly encourage tipping. The app takes into account the cost of the items delivered and the distance you travelled to get there and suggests a tip to the customer accordingly. Additionally, there is a minimum tip of $2 for each order.

Favor does allow for large, catered orders, which can bring a more significant tip for Runners. These orders are usually placed directly with the merchant and then scheduled through Favor. The customer can indicate when placing the Favor order that the order has already been placed with the merchant.

Job Requirements

Runners can work part time or full time. However, you will need a cell phone (iPhone or Android), reliable transportation, and a clean driving record. Runners must be at least 18 years old and must pass a background check before they are hired.

Favor is also not the platform for couriers who would prefer as little client interaction as possible. One of the main selling points is consistent communication between Runner and client. Runners are expected to take texts and calls from clients with last-minute additions or other changes to the order.

Average delivery time, according to Favor, is about 35 minutes. The customer receives push notifications about their order status through the app. However, Runners are also expected to communicate with customers about the status of an order via text, especially if there will be some delay.