Couriers in selected markets can now rent electric scooters from Postmates. The company recently launched a scooter rental program called the Zero-Emission Scooter & E-Bike Initiative. The program is being rolled out first in Manhattan. Postmates states that this initiative ‘celebrates a commitment to faster deliveries, greater earnings, and environmental sustainability.’ And that the company ‘recognize our responsibility to take steps to ease the emission congestion that impacts communities.’

How To Qualify

There are some strings attached. Not all everyone will be able to sign up for this program. First of all, it’s exclusive to Postmates’ couriers. Additionally, couriers must have a rating that’s above 4.8. That’s really exclusive.

Other qualifications include:

  • Be an active Postmate already (any valid motor vehicle license class is okay)
  • A driver’s license on file with Postmates already
  • A bank account linked with Postmates already
  • Must be 18+ years of age


It will cost $120 a month, plus taxes, to rent a scooter. Postmates estimates that this is equivalent to 4-5 deliveries a week. This assumes each delivery pays about $6 to $7.50.

Postmates will take this amount out of your account each month.


According to Postmates, there are no hidden costs and the scooters come with insurance. The scooters are already registered with DMV.

Scooter Range

These scooters come with two batteries, each lasting about 30 miles for a total of 60 miles. Postmates estimates that you can complete 10 deliveries with each battery.

Rental Period

There’s a deposit involved but Postmate’s website does not state how much this deposit is. The rental period is for 6 months. Couriers can cancel in the first month and get their deposit back. If you cancel after that, you will not get your deposit back.


Couriers are responsible for parking the scooters in “accordance with local parking restrictions.” Translation? You pay for parking and tickets.

For more information, check out Postmates’ site.

GenZe is the company that manufactures these scooters. According to GenZe’s website, you cannot take these scooters onto the freeway. For more information, visit GenZe’s website.

Is It Worth It?

Other platforms have done programs such as this. Uber and Lyft for example issues credit cards for gas. They also have car rental programs. Initiatives like these are actually ‘monetization strategies’. These on-demand platforms will keep coming up with ways to get their drivers to fork up some of that hard earn money and increase their revenues. In some cases it actually help their drivers. In other cases, not so much.

If you’re considering signing up for this scooter program but not sure if it’s worth it, here’s a quick way to find out.

Postmates is promoting that couriers can earn 20% more using these scooters.

How much are you making a month on average with Postmates?

Multiple that number by 0.20. If your result is less than $120 (not including taxes, parking, etc.), then the amount of money you spend to rent a scooter with Postmates is more than the gain in earnings. Below this and it’s clearly not profitable to sign-up.